Our junior research group is growing into a full professorship!

Lisa got promoted to full professor for Microbiome-Host-Interactions at the Medical Faculty of the University of Tübingen! What a fantastic opportunity to expand our research, our team and our mission!


New board game: Antibio`taktik!

The board game “Antiobio`taktik” is intended to raise awareness of the problem of antibiotic resistance. It was co-developed by our team member Nalini and is now available in German and French. Contact us if you are interested.


Article about our work in Laborjournal

Larissa Tetsch summarized our work for the broader audience in Laborjournal, a German magazine aimed at scientific and technical staff in biological and medical laboratories (in German).


Deciphering the collateral damage of antibiotics on human gut commensals

Press release highlighting our 2021 study.


Our work is featured in the podcast series “Exzellent erklärt! – Spitzenforschung für alle”

In the podcast series, the interdiscplinary work of each of the 57 German Cluster of Excellence is highlighted. For the episode on the Cluster “Controlling Microbes to Fight Infections”, Lisa was interviewed by the podcaster Larissa Vassilian.


Non-Antibiotic Drugs Affect our Gut Bacteria

e-learning video showcasing the idea, approach and results of our 2018 study on the extensive effect of non-antibiotic drugs on human gut bacteria.